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group counselling macclesfield
group counselling macclesfield

Serenity Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Hello and welcome to Serenity Counselling and Hypnotherapy Ltd web site.

I am a fully qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Coach.

I am proud to work on an individual basis and also in a corporate setting, having the essential skills necessary to achieve positive results.

I have helped people from all walks of life, not just with everyday problems but also with more complex issues.

My experience includes adults, children, care of the elderly and community nursing.

I currently work as a fully qualified Nurse Clinician in a very busy Doctors Surgery.

A Nurse Clinician compliments both the Medical and Nursing teams, and is trained to the level of a doctor, thus employing skills of history taking, examination of the patient, diagnosis and prescribing.

Each week, over half of the patients that I consult present with depression, stress, grief, anxiety, stress in the workplace and sheer desperation and confusion that they constantly view their world through fog.

The limitation of a ten or twenty minute appointment in what is often a very noisy and busy environment does not provide the essential comforting and private atmosphere that is crucial for someone to relax and discuss their problems.

I believe that each patient and client whether adult or child no matter how big or small their troubles, are special and needs to know they are in safe hands and can be assured they are not only listened to but also HEARD.

I employ professional, practical and theoretical skills and knowledge and tailor them to the personal requirements of each client.

My clients are unique and valued individuals and I provide them with a warm, safe, private and comfortable environment which is part of an essential base on which to build the very crucial rapport.